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Washington State Enacts a Salary History Ban with a New Twist

What now is becoming more common place, Washington State enacted “Washington Equal Pay and Opportunity Act,” a salary history ban, effective July 2019. What is different about this is law is a new requirement of interest, as follows:

  • In addition to California and Cincinnati, Washington State will require employers to provide pay scale
  • This requirement also applies to internal transfers,
    if requested

The law further provides a definition of wage scale or salary range, noting that if there is no wage scale or
salary range for the job, the employer must provide the minimum wage or salary expectation for the position set by the employer, prior to posting, prior to the position transfer, or prior to the promotion.

From an employer’s perspective, this really brings pay transparency to the forefront!

(When reading about this law change, I almost didn’t read much beyond the announcement as states enacting salary history bans is becoming so common place!)

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