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Covid-19 What Employers Need to Know

Cowden Associates, Inc. is a trusted resource for the latest information about the coronavirus and work-related issues. Continue to check here and stay informed.

EEOC Addresses Retaliation in New COVID-19 FAQs
Paid Employee Leave Required Under Vaccination ETS
8 Tips for a Successful Enrollment During COVID-19
Health Care Risk Advisor: Third Quarter 2020
Cowden Insights: Employers Have the Opportunity to Permit Employees to Donate Accrued and Unpaid Time Off to Fellow Employees in Need
Comparison of Leave Programs Under FFCRA
CARES Act Makes Changes for Retirement Plans
Executive Summary: Tracking Telehealth Changes State-by-State in Response to COVID-19
COVID-19 Special Enrollment in Group Health Plans
FFCRA Documentation and Record Keeping: What Employers Need to Know
HR Compliance Bulletin: Unemployment Benefits for Coronavirus under the CARES Act
DOL Issues Corrections to FFCRA Regulations
Updating Health Plans for Coronavirus Changes
Cowden Insights: CARES Act Impact on Executive Pay, Dividends, and Stock Buyback Programs
DOL Outlines Coronavirus Relief Law’s Paid Leave Requirements
Cowden Insights: COVID-19 — Health and Welfare Strategies for Taft-Hartley Funds
ACA Compliance Bulletin: The Look-back Measurement Method and COVID-19
Employers Face Tough Pay Decisions Amid the Coronavirus
Student Loan Relief Incentive Provided by CARES Act
COVID-19 Guidance and Legislation for Employer-Sponsored Group Health Plans
Paying Health Insurance Premiums for Furloughed or Laid Off Employees
Some States Require Insurance Protections Because of COVID-19
I-9 Form In-Person Rule May Be Deferred for Coronavirus
Legal Update: DOL Issues FFCRA Regulations on Paid Leave
Families First Coronavirus Response Act – Questions and Answers
Employee Retention Tax Credits for Businesses Impacted by Coronavirus
Employee Compensation and Benefits During Closures and Furloughs
DOL Guidance on Employers Covered by FFCRA Paid Leave
Cowden Insights: CARES Act
Cowden Insights: Coronavirus Considerations
CARES Act Makes Changes for Health Plans
Coronavirus Pay Options for Employers
DOL Issues Additional Employer Resources – March 2020
HR Compliance Bulletin: Families First Coronavirus Response Act—Employee Expanded Family and Medical Leave Rights
HR Compliance Overview: Employee Compensation and Benefits During Closures and Furloughs 
HR Compliance Bulletin: DOL Outlines Coronavirus Relief Law’s Paid Leave Requirements
HR Compliance Bulletin: Families First Coronavirus Response Act—Questions and Answers
HR Compliance Bulletin: IRS Issues Guidance on Tax Credits for Coronavirus Paid Leave
HR Compliance Bulletin: New Coronavirus Relief Laws Require Paid Employee Leave
HIPAA Privacy Rule and the Coronavirus Outbreak
FAQs: Catastrophic Plan Coverage and Coronavirus
Congress Passes Coronavirus Law Requiring Paid Employee Leave
FAQs: Benefits Considerations in Response to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
HR Insights:  Best Practices for Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic
Key Group Health Plan Administration Considerations in Response to Coronavirus
IRS Grants COVID-19 Relief for High-Deductible Health Plans
CMS Publishes FAQs to Ensure Individuals, Issuers and States have Clear Information on Coverage Benefits for COVID-19
DOL FAQs COVID-19 and the Fair Labor Standards Act
Health Plan Coverage for Coronavirus COVID-19 Test
House of Representatives Passes Corrected Coronavirus Relief Bill
Mental Well-being during Quarantine
What to Do if You’re Sick with COVID-19
HR Compliance Bulletin: Coronavirus in the Workplace – Compliance Issues for Employers
Compliance Issues for Employers
HR Insights: Coronaviruses and the Workplace
U.S. Employers Weigh EEOC Guidance in Responding to Coronavirus
DOL Issues Guidance on COVID-19 and the Family and Medical Leave Act
Protecting Workers from Coronavirus
IRS Allows HDHPs to Cover Cornavirus Costs
U.S. Health Officials Warn COVID-19 Will Inevitably Spread Across the Country
HIPAA Privacy Rule Still Applies for Employers Amid 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak
Live Well, Work Well – Coronavirus

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