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It Is Possible to Teach An Old Dog New Tricks: New Dress Code Works for All

In the later part of 2017, our Management Team began the process of reviewing our current dress code policy.  By way of background, our historical policy was a business casual dress policy, with the ability to wear jeans on Friday.  Although we really had no major issues with this policy, we embarked upon a process of reviewing other companies’ policies to see if it was appropriate to modify and soften the policy, to become closer to others.

From my perspective, I had always adhered to a more formal dress code, wearing suits and ties or sport jackets with slacks and dress shirts, when not needing to be dressed up!  I was pleased with the process we went through in developing the new policy, balancing out our expectations with the market.

I have always held to a management style of treating employees as professionals, trusting that each employee will act appropriately, both in performing their work and dressing up, when needed.  We hire excellent people, based on a total package of qualities.  Our policies are intended to reflect our standards and our expectations, including the dress code. I believe that, in our consulting and service environment, having a more relaxed dress code will work well and will not hinder our brand, our mission, or our vision.  

I have to admit that my opinion on this issue has evolved over time and has softened.  Certainly, as professionals, when out in the public, each of us are ambassadors for our firm, so dressing professionally is still important.  However, the definition of dressing professionally is being modified, not eliminated!

Happy and Healthy New Year.  It is possible for us all to change!

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