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Testimonials from Valued Clients

“We are very appreciative of Cowden’s work and care over the years and I have truly enjoyed working with [Margaret] and the team over the last few months…I’ve worked with many firms over the years and the service level the team, and particularly [Margaret], provided was superior.”  – Benefits Director, Transportation Corporation

“I offered this recommendation letter to Cowden Associates unsolicited by them.  I did so, because I know how rare it is to find such a capable and dependable support organization.  I highly recommend Elliot Dinkin and Cowden Associates to any group that is in need of a truly top-notch support organization.” (Read full letter)  – CEO, SPFPA

“Was there ever any doubt? You’re one of the few consultants I can trust.”  – CFO, Transportation Entity

“I have worked with many of the large compensation and benefits firms and you easily held your own vs. the “bigs” with a better value proposition.”  – Specialty Manufacturer

“We engaged Cowden Associates, Inc. (Cowden) to market our Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage. The results Cowden achieved was beyond our expectations. Cowden was able to secure a 55.56% savings over our current costs while enhancing our AD&D benefits. They also secured a 3 ½ year rate guarantee. Additionally, the Cowden team was able to provide a smooth implementation. The Cowden team did an extraordinary job in considering ways to improve our benefits while saving the district money.” – Business Manager, School District

“I just wanted you to know that Bob Hazy and Amy Crouse have been doing an amazing job. When I send them something, I get a response right away no matter what it is. I am new to my position and have asked lots of questions and Bob has been amazing at helping me to interpret the plan document. He also has an outstanding history with us as a client and knows things from many, many years ago.  Amy is very attentive and also responds to calculation reviews and things of that nature immediately.  I do not think I have ever had to wait a full day to get anything back from them. With me being new and sometimes sending things at the last minute, it is much appreciated that they are so good at what they do. I used to work with Bob as an actuary so I know what it entails.  I am also very impressed with Amy’s knowledge given her years of experience. I am very thankful to have them on my team and wanted you to know how hard they have been working and what a difference they are making. Thank you for supporting them and giving them a positive environment to work in.” – Human Resources Benefits Specialist, Public Authority

“I already spoke to your prospect about 30 minutes ago. I told him you guys did a terrible job and they shouldn’t even consider you! Ha ha ha. Actually…I told him the truth…which is you guys did a fantastic job! I couldn’t say enough good things about you and your firm. He asked what you did for us…and I broke it down for him, etc. I quickly outlined the study you did for us…and I also explained how we loved your efficient timeline, etc.  Just as an FYI…one of the questions he asked was “how well did you know our financials and our business, etc.?” I explained that you studied our organization from top to bottom and really understood our financials/business and you took the time to know our whole organization, etc. You were able to communicate with the Board, our President, VP and HR (every level) and know all our numbers…not just our compensation information. Just thought I would let you know that. I sensed understanding the whole organization was important to him when speaking.” – Compensation Manager, Credit Union

“I want to tell you that we have had a special relationship that I will always treasure. You are without question the most knowledgeable and well informed person that we have ever worked with.”  – Employee Benefits Corporate Manager, Manufacturing Company

“We utilized the services of Cowden Associates to determine short and long-term strategies in dealing with the PPACA requirements. Strategies were identified that benefit the organization, staff and our long term Total Reward expenses. Strong communications and quick follow up to questions/ideas were consistently experienced in our team’s interaction on this major project. We will continue to utilize the expertise of the Cowden team going forward.”  – Vice President of Human Resources, Hospital

“Cowden employees are very responsive and go the extra mile when I have an unexpected problem.” – Human Resources Manager, Manufacturing Company

“The real value in Cowden Associates’ work is beyond the information provided. They showed tremendous insight and appreciation to our business structure and operations, with a unique sensitivity to our budgets, strengths and opportunities. As such, they demonstrated the ability to challenge us and provide guidance on how to best implement the results of the study.”  – CEO, Non-profit

“…explaining the unexplainable…”  – Employment Labor Lawyer, Wet Milling Manufacturer