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ACA Compliance Bulletin: Draft Forms for 2018 ACA Reporting Released

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released 2018 Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act (PPACA) draft Forms 1094-C and 1095-C on July 11, 2018. The updated forms will be used by applicable large employers (ALEs) to report under Section 6056, as well as by ALEs who sponsor self-insured plans for combined Section 6055 and 6056 reporting. The 2018 draft Form 1094-B was released July 3, 2018 and will be used by entities reporting under Section 6055, including self-insured plan sponsors that are not ALEs. A 2018 draft version of Form 1095-B and instructions for these forms have not yet been released.  It is important to note that these forms are draft versions and not valid for use. Therefore, they should not be filed with the IRS or relied upon for completion of the 2018 filing.  Final forms and instructions will be released at a future date.

While no immediate action is necessary, it is important for employers to stay up to date on changes to the American Care Act (ACA). This article provides an overview of what is required under Sections 6055 and 6066 reporting, which employers should become familiar with for the 2018 calendar year.

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